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Reverse Hydro; 3.93Mod, 17°PA, Z-17, Spur

Hob Specifications Used

90*180*32, 2-Start, PM-35

Problem Faced By Customer

Less life and damage in hob during running before completing desired tool life.

Proposed Hob Specification

90*180*32, 1-Start, ES-65

Summary of results
Parameter Existing Proposed
Cutting Speed(Meter/Minute) 80/100 160
Axial feed(mm per work revolution) 1.6/2.3 2.2
No. of Cuts 2 1
Cutting Force(N) 1427 968
Cutting Time(Seconds) 83 44

By changing the number of starts and cutting parameters, the cutting time was reduced by almost 50% and breakage of the hobs also stopped. Though it took us long time to convince the customer to use our proposed hob specifications and parameters.